European Cooperation

The European Union provides funding opportunities in all socio-economic sectors via its multi-annual programmes. Under the new EU funding period 2014-2020, LDI scope is to is to bring the knowledge of the new policies and programs to public administrations, universities, schools, companies and organization.

LDI services include:
  • Support in proposal development ( management, communication, evaluation and monitoring)
  • Transnational coordination and communication including participation in preparatory meetings.
  • Management and administration of the program after approval.

Completed European Programs

I TUBE - Innovation Transfer in continUous education of an integrated model Based on personalization and digital portfolio

What is I TUBE?
The TOI (Tranfer of Innovation) project I-TUBE intends to integrate the PEAEDA theoretical model of personalization and the map of competence of the personalization trainer, with the practical tool of digital portfolio (TIPEIL project) that appears consistent and congruent with the personalization idea designed (PEAPEDA Project). The two issues, the theoretical and the operative one, complete each other and realize a new integrated tool, empowered both from a methodological and a practical point of view. The transfer will be carried out from the vocational training for unoccupied young people, to the continuous vocational educators and trainers operating with adult employed people, over 45 at a risk of expulsion from the Labour Market.

The renewed Training Market conditions and challenges and the evolution of pedagogical models and strategies throw into crisis the stability of ultra twenty years old VET Institutions, where the main part of trainers still work. Above all the over ’45 VET trainers, that operate from the beginning of their career in these systems, continue to apply consolidate routines and to reply over crossed scholastic models, absolutely unfit above all with the needs of adult learners. From a geographical point of view various geographic areas both on a national (North, Centre, South of Italy) and European (western, central, eastern) level are interested by the transferring actions; the consortium altogether is indeed composed from a team of professionals with experiences of European relief. The ITUBE project aims at transferring actions, aims to empower the culture of personalization in the VET System and to improve the VET trainers’ map of competences, increasing their professional flexibility and employability.

The Benefits
The I TUBE project, by promoting the integration of a theoretical model and a practical tool complement each other, creates a new product that is valid in terms of methodological and operational level. The theoretical and methodological framework defined within the PEAPEDA model allows to redesign the operation of digital portfolio from the perspective of personalization and use it not only in individual advising, but also in collective training courses for adults. This allows the user to create a sort of budget guidance that represents a way to create a culture of balance of competences in Europe. There is not a really tradition in and a legislation on skills assessment for the entire Europe. Through the integrated use of digital portfolio and the model of personalization the trainers will have a new resource to implement a budget strategy more directly enforceable in the context of lifelong learning.

The meaning of personalization
The term personalization is rich of meanings, and even experts don’t share the same definition, often using the term Individualization as a synonymous. The PEAPEDA project, has defined and chose the meaning of Personalization, distinguishing it from the term individualization, as an approach aiming to guarantee that each student reaches an excellent learning level, by developing his potentialities and his faculties, each one achieving his own objectives. Personalization is intended as the valorization of the potential that each person can express. The valorization process is the result of a full sharing, collaborative and not competitive interaction, of an empathic participation to all the development processes. It requires the acquisition of strategic competences such as self evaluation, self orientation, managing of negative emotions, collaborative attitude, and the whole competences that express a full self awareness and self responsibility.

The Digital Portfolio
The Portfolio has ancient roots. It was originally a tool used in his/her arts. It was the best collection of works done by a painter or an architect as an example of capacity. Today the Portfolio is created through the use of new technological tools and that's because is called Digital Portfolio. It can be defined as a collection of documents and certificates (such as text, electronic files, images, multimedia, blog entries, and hyperlinks) that allows you to create, store, update and publish their own personal learning environment, training and skills development. It’s used to show the competencies of a person (student or worker).

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The partners are involved in vocational education and in mobility at different levels (training centres, mobility projects organisations and certification experts). The problem that they came across was that many professionals have a long experience in their trade, however there is no solution for them to validate and certify their competences. The only solution available in some countries is the validation of a national diploma.
Therefore the partners had the idea to work together in order to create an assessment procedure that would be validated by the ISO 17024 norm in order to assess and validate specific trade competences. In Norway, there is such procedure that is in place at a national level, thus the partners intend to transfer this procedure and the ISO 17024 norm to it.
The partners will pilot this assessment and certification procedure with 2 trades: carpenters and health care assistants.

What do we offer

For professionals: We intend to offer to professionals the validation of the skills they have acquired during their career. They will receive a certificate with a list of competences (trade competences and social skills), certified by the ISO 17024 norm that they will be able to attach to their CV. It would also allow them to have their skills acquired abroad recognised (skills acquired during a mobility project, or acquired in their home country for immigrant workers). In this project, we also want to create tools in order to help professionals on the labour market to create a CV and sell themselves.
For companies: We want to offer to companies a perfect matching of the employee with the job profile that they need. We will have a database of professionals with certain competences that we can match with companies if they require our services.

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