Learning in Europe

The on-going reorganisation of the education systems and institutions in Europe is normally done with reference to the changing labour market; specifically, to increasing internationalisation and the transitions to more dynamic and flexible labour and economy.
The current structural changes of the education systems in Europe thereby evoke classical conflicts between education and economy, the extreme poles of which are "the subservience of education under economic interests" on the one hand and "education as a human right and free commodity for all" on the other. At the same time, these changes also allow the creation of innovative educational concepts for a critical scrutiny of social processes and for adapting to the challenges within the world of labour.
Here LDI puts forth: We develop, analyse and implement educational concepts, in which we look both into fields of social conflicts connected with education and at the demands of a globalised world of labour. Important concepts for us in this context are Lifelong learning, mobility and employability. 
We consider lifelong learning as a process of personal development, in which employability and mobility have a significant importance. Hereby we are engaged in different areas and dimensions of lifelong learning: 
  • We support the vocational orientation and mobility of young people; 
  • We base our activities on the promotion of social equity and the acknowledgement of diversity by a critical-reflective embedding of gender & diversity into them - gender & diversity
  • We follow a biography-oriented approach to education, which allows to eye the complexity of learning processes, the diversity of the learners and the multidimensionality of social settings.
To assure the relevance and quality of our concepts and offers, we rely on our multi-faceted network: This contains the cooperation with other actors of European education on both international and local level, the transfer between education practice and science, but also the dialogue between the providers of education and economy.

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