Practices in Berlin

Berlin is an ideal place to hold practices for students and people in training from foreign countries.

The German capital gains increasingly attraction. This is on the front line because of the great cultural variety of the city. Next to the main cultural attractions (museums, theaters, opera, exhibitions) highlights the diverse subculture in view of visitors and attracts mostly young audiences from all over the world.

Focused on the acquisition of a good internship experience the culture and nightlife is not enough. To make some good companies instructional practices and a wide range in the economic sector are needed. Berlin has these basic needs.

Before starting practices

Curriculum Vitae and letter of motivation
As soon as possible, and no later than two months before his arrival in Berlin, you need a resume in German or English in PDF or Word file. The curriculum should include a nice picture of you.

 Second, we need a general written statement expressing their motivations, which should not be more than a paper size A4. This paper focuses on front line in future company where we will do the practices. Since we do not yet know the company, type in general. Describe your motivation for wanting to make the practices in Berlin. Mention your current training, specifically their studies. Highlight your expertise and describe how you could get involved in the company. Briefly mention your social skills. Finally and of course glad to mention that to make the practices in the company. (If you need the help of a text translator program for the drafting of the written note that these programs are not perfect. Go over the text once translated.)

Berlin's economy
Berlin is not a traditional area of industry. The city is a metropolis of science, culture, media and services. In Berlin hardly you find great production chains, for example, automotive, chemical or metallurgical. The main economic engines of the city are different caliber services. Within the services sector Berlin have developed important areas of the city, using science, technology and intensive development of progress that make Berlin an ideal city.

In the services sector take tourism and media sector an important position.

In a world city like Berlin is very diverse businesses, from large multinationals to small craftsmen. But still the mainstay of the economy of the city are medium-sized companies with between 100 and 500 workers. In the area of creativity you will find mostly companies with capacity between 5 and 10 workers.

Arrival in Berlin

City tour and presentation day
Berlin is a great city and the urban traffic system can be a bit complicated. Therefore we will be the day after arrival to make a little tour around the city. Our main goal with this is that it can be better targeted in the city. A good side effect is that during this trip have enough time enter into dialogue and so know each other better.

During the first week of your stay we will make a weekly introduction with you. There they receive an insight on the course of your stay. Then try together the particularities of each person, for example, the difference in the world labor between his country and ours. This will be mainly be helpful for the start of their practices.

Residence registration
During the probationary period will have their main residence in Berlin. German law requires to register the place of residence for stays of three months and above. This high has to be made during the first week of their stay. You will receive the town hall a document with your address in Berlin. With this you can for example open a bank account, become a member of a video, etc. For this bureaucratic procedure will fill out the necessary forms with ILE-Berlin and agree on the appointment at the state office to formalize the management. The procedure is free. If necessary were accompanied.

Before the interview we will facilitate them information about the company. With this information to best prepare for the interview. Very important is for example the names of people who are in the interview. They should also prepare some questions in order to highlight the interest in developing the job.

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