Learning & Development Institute of Berlin

Moving with the times.

What we do

LDI Berlin is a fast growing educational institute emphasing on EU research funded projects, specialising in the management of projects and education and training.



Seminars, study visits and  workshops for professionals in education and companies.


Actively involved in research projects funded by the European Union, related to entrepreneurship, ecience promotion, renewable energy, education and training.

Project management

Monitoring and support of European projects implementation; international coordination, quality planning and evaluation, communication and dissemination activitites planning.

Seminars and Study Visits

LDI Berlin provides seminars, workshops and study visits that combine the acquisition of professional competences, combined with intercultural  experience.

Our Skills

Designing and implementation innovative training programmes

Monitoring, support and management of European projects

Establishment of international strategic collaborations

Research and studies


  • Preparation of proposals
  • Project coordination
  • Management of European and international project teams. Bringing together technical experts, research and development organizations, industry and public institutions
  • Impact maximisation. Development and deployment of dissemination and communication strategies and tools
  • Training – 90%
  • rESEARCH – 80%
Interested in LDI Berlin?

New, innovative projects

See the newly developed innovative projects created by LDI and stay current and competitive.

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße 21, 12103 Berlin, Germany

+49 3023915709


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