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LDI is a private educational institute, located in Berlin. It concentrates on European educational projects and activities in the areas of vocational training and education, adult education and labour.

LDI aims are to initiate European exchange within these fields, to integrate into educational processes gender & diversity as concepts for more equal chances and acknowledgement, and to bring innovative approaches with European dimensions into education and labour.

Services include the arrangement of work based training and observatory technical visits in Europe and in Berlin. LDI offers counselling to vocational schools, colleges, universities and enterprises, who are interested in offering their trainees, apprentices or employees a work related exchange abroad in order to deepen their professional knowledge and skills. It also offers, services for evaluation and assessments of training programs, educational projects and events.

Bridging the gap between science and practice is a driving interest of LDI actions. Therefore we are engaged in several learning partnerships and cooperate closely with our Academic Advisory Council. Furthermore, LDI is cooperating with several partners in the field of labour and education throughout Europe.

LDI applies System of Management according to model EN ISO 9001: 2008. Concerning the methodology of the training programs are followed organization and training methods oriented towards the user, dynamic determination of phases and procedures of the programs on the basis of the development of appropriate technologies and users participation, combination and synergy theory and practice in educational programs, feedback and continuous evaluation of the programs and diffusion of the produced results in interested people and conveyors.

It is essential for the training institutions organisations to develop as a learning organisation. LDI education analyzes and identifies external and internal factors, possibilities and barriers for the development of training to turn out to be learning process and finally be in line with market demands. The outer boundaries of the operations are determined by societal development, the status and role of the school in the society and the nature of decisions made at both the national and local levels.

LDI has participated has elaborated many programmes on educational methodologies and professional competence qualifications assessment and validation.

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Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße 21, 12103 Berlin, Germany

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