Re.Ma – Remote Management for SMEs

The objective of the project “Remote Management”, is to promote the acquisition of competences of SME managers, in the adoption of remote management strategies and the use of related tools. For addressing this objective, the following specific objectives (aims) have been set:
SO1. A systematic review of the practices of remote management tools and strategies
SO2. MOOC (Massive Online and Open Course) on remote management

The objectives of the ReMa project are going to be addressed by developing a curriculum in line with ECVET procedures and the development of a specialized course based on a ubiquitous educational methodology for managers of remote workers and teams.
A review of existing practices and remote management readiness will be the basis for identifying missing Skills for adopting a remote management strategy and the use of specialized digital applications.

The expected results of the project include:
– A review of the practices of remote management tools and strategies
– A report on remote management readiness of SMEs in partners’ regions,
– List of Skills needed for SMEs managers, to adopt an effective remote management strategy,
– A Curriculum for remote management in line with ECVET procedures
– A MOOC course (Massive Online and Open Course) in line with EQAVET, for upskilling SME managers in remote management adoption.



project code: 2021-2-CZ01-KA210-VET-000051063



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