Seminar: Urban Gardens

the Recently, Berlin has become a hot spot and an international “capital” of urban gardening, been established more than 100 urban gardens. Main sourse skills and knowledge of peop[le engeged, is based on informal learning networks such as conversations between gardeners and activists, seminars, online platforms, social media, and working groups.

Recently, new activitites have been added in their services and have include a combination of formal with informal learning, through an exchange of apprenticeships (including future gardeners), traineeships and outreach to interested persons with regard to the planning and maintenance of urban gardens. 

The “Urban Garden” training programm provide participants with competences in coordinating Urban Garden. This includes establishement of collaborative networks; access to urban gardening initiatives; the selection of an apropriate public (green) space; information on the legal framework (particularly the openness of public administration) in tersm of national or EU regulations policy frameworks; development of a business plan for an Urban Garden; organisation of everyday activitites; and Vollunteers’ engagement.




Outdoor Training, peers’ workshops 



Urban gardens coordinators, VET trainers



Urban garden working activities

Public networking, fund raising

Vollunteers’ engagement

Business Plan, garden health and sustainability




LDI certificate (1,60 ECVET points)

Europass mobility (for Earasmus KA1) 


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